Intro To Servant Evangelism

Steve Sjogren shares briefly about servant evangelism and what you can expect to discover while browsing

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Steve Sjogren

Steve Sjogren is a veteran Evangelist-Church Planter and is considered the "father of servant evangelism." He and his wife Janie have been involved directly in planting 5 churches in Los Angeles, Oslo, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Tampa Bay. Out of those churches they have coached several dozen more outwardly focused churches into existence. Their consistent message has been connected with the message of Romans 2:4, that “the kindness of God leads to repentance.” They have found that as we serve not-yet Believers in simple but profound ways, along with verbalizing the Gospel message, in time they desire to repent and follow Jesus. They have seen many thousands go through the process of repentance and salvation. They currently lead a Free Methodist congregation in Newberg, Oregon.

8 thoughts on “Intro To Servant Evangelism”

  1. Steve,
    Hope you receive this and you are well.
    You might remember the Servant Evagelism conference
    You conducted at the Vinyard in Framingham MA around the early 2000’s. I was part of the outreach group that you joined raking people’s yards. Since that conference, I participated in several SE outreaches. They were successful in touching unbelievers in New England who questioned church folk doing something for strangers to “Show them God’s love in a practical way”. The Lord reinforced the outreaches by divine appointments, meeting people we served with random crossing paths. I found this out by them coming up to me a letting me know we helped them through Servant Evangelism.
    I considered that period of my life as “My honeymoon with Jesus”. Fifteen years later, I still cherish what we did at the Vinyard, and try to still apply the principal’s I learned from you ministry. Thank you and the Lord for crossing our paths.
    If possible, I would love to talk to you.

  2. May God bless you richly as you are exposing one of the wonderful way of impacting the community with the love of God; We have just celebrating twenty years of the church’s existance and God has spoken that it is time for his church to go and impact the community so as a leader of the evangelism team, we were praying for God to help us on how to touch the community…we praise God for your inspiring work.

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